November 11, 2009

[dressed]_lady gaga - bad romance

I am so impressed with this work from Lady Gaga. At first I just thought all her videos were weird and abstract. Yes, this video can still be categorized as the same, but this one just sits apart!! I personally don't like the song, but there is just SO MUCH going on that you just have to watch and appreciate the story line. The video is a wooping 5 mins long, is she trying to be like MJ? I think I watched it 5 times in order to be ready for this post lol.

This video is jam-packed with clothes, andy fashion guru will surely appreciate. I know for certain that she was rocking the Alexander McQueen 12 inch heels from his Spring 2010 runway show. I did a post on them recently that you can check out. Side note: She changed her eye color three times!

I have more screen shots from the video below:

See for yourself what the buzz is all about and watch the video yourself.

Christian N. Phillips

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