February 23, 2012

Recent Purchase: Louis Vuitton Speedy 40

So today I got my first Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 bag [$825]. No, it wasn't my birthday I just finally had the extra cash needed to finally fork over.

Being a smart cookie, I called ahead to have them hold the bag I wanted, Speedy 40 Monogram, before I even went to the store. I found out from one of the sales associates that the Speedy 40 is very popular and is always sold out. 

I demanded for it to be put in a box. How else was I supposed to carry it home? Not in my hands of course.

I was also informed that the Hot Stamping service that I've always been wanting as well is complementary.


Anonymous said...

cute...céline next?

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie!! Its @Vanity_Fare_
just stopping bye!

ps. I have a speedy 40 too!!
took me 2 years to get it lol
see ya on twitter!

wegetDRESSED.com said...

I shall pray to God for one! Lol

wegetDRESSED.com said...

Hey there, thanks for checking in :] And dang two years? Well I'm glad you got your purchase :]

Kamea411 said...


Darius Burnette said...

Need it! I might just become a government hooker with pure class just to get it ;)